API retrieving { code: "NOT_FOUND", description: "Endpoint not found" }

  • 31 July 2023
  • 2 replies

I am developing a feature using Typeform Responses API.

Everything was fine, I tested a bunch of times in the previous days and the API was retrieving Typeform data correctly. 
Suddenly (literally) it stopped working and now, for the same query, instead of the responses, i am receiving an array like: 

  • {
    • code: "NOT_FOUND",

    • description: "Endpoint not found"


I even tried to regenerate the API token but it didn't work.

Does anybody know how to fix or if something has changed?

2 replies

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Hi @arduini Could you send the full call you’re making? Thanks!

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Hey @arduini do you still need help with this? Let us know if you do! 😊