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I’ve connected the Asana Integration to my form but it doesn’t seem to be pushing the information into the Asana project correctly. It sometimes works but other times doesn’t. I think it maybe the type of fields I’m trying to push information into. IE: When I select for the information to go into a text or multi-select Asana field, the information doesn’t move over to the form. Also, it won’t assign the created tasks to anyone no matter the logic that I set up.


Anyone else run into these type of issues when trying to integrate Asana?

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Hi @tmccrary Welcome to the community! Do you mind sending a screenshot of how you have the integration setup? Are the fields all mapped as well? 

Hey @Liz! Thanks for the welcome! Below are the screenshots that you requested. I followed the Typeform Guide when doing the mapping, so I think they are set up right. The connection works some times with certain questions types and doesn’t at other times.


Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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Hey Tivo,

Ryan here from the Typeform support team. I just sent you an email in response to the ticket that we have open about this, but wanted to take the opportunity to post some of my suggestions here in case it helps others struggling with the same issue.

  • Could it be a case where you are looking for your tasks in the wrong workspace/project in Asana?
  • Could it be that the tasks are being assigned to someone and you don't have access to see their tasks in the Asana project?
  • Are you typing numbers in a text field when submitting test responses? In Asana, a string is used for text, numbers should be mapped to numbers.

Let’s keep in touch via email, but I’ll continue to add info here as we work to resolve this one. 

My Asana integration is also not working properly. 


Why am I only getting these three default Typeform questions when I have 9 custom questions in the newly created Typeform? Each of the 9 questions was designed so that they fill out specific columns/ fields in Asana.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @jpark do any of the items @ryan.terry mentioned happen to apply? 

Hi @Liz - no unfortunately they don’t since I have the right workplace/ project/ section/ task fields.

It’s weird that I can’t even see my Typeform questions as options before trying to map / connect them to Asana fields (as shared in my screenshot above).



@ryan.terry, Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the presented checks and solution didn’t work. I’ll reply to the email with the additional requested information that you asked about.


Thanks for all the help as we try to figure this out. 

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Hi @tmccrary and @jpark Hm, in both of your cases, I would suggest reaching out to our tech team directly, as they can log into your accounts and take a closer look at this. You can contact them from your account email here