Can hidden fields be used without transmitting them in the URL?

  • 10 June 2024
  • 3 replies

Is there a way to enrich a form with data that we wouldn't transmit via URL because it's sensitive information? Ideally, we would pass only a unique ID in the URL and then look up the displayed data on the form from a data table.

3 replies

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Hi @Filip Tomanek Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a good one. 

The only way to pass information into Typeform is through hidden fields, which would be within the URL. However, I can share this feedback with the product team. 

Liz, thank you for your message. I thought there might be a way to load data into the questionnaire through one of the many integrations. Is this not possible yet?

The problem is that in an enterprise environment, especially in the financial world, most information is classified as confidential, including project names, technologies used, etc. Therefore, it's problematic to display sensitive information in the URL. It's surprising that none of Typeform's customers have addressed this issue so far. Most likely, the majority of Typeform's customers are from the B2C business, where this is not such a problem.

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Hi @Filip Tomanek I’m afraid we don’t have an option to load data from outside of Typeform, as our integrations send data out of Typeform, but not into typeform. 

Is there a specific kind of database you’d be looking to import from? I can also share this specifically with the product team.