Does Excel connection pull in existing response on the survey?

  • 7 April 2021
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I’m setting up the connection between the excel online and the typeform, once the excel workbook is set up, it doesn’t seem to pull in existing data from the typeform, only the questions, see screencap:

When setting up the connection, it does offer the checkbox of integrating existing responses and I checked it. Is this situation happening because it takes time to load the responses? Or it doesn’t really pull in existing data? Anyone else had experienced this before?


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@auk-blf - welcome to the Community!

this is from a user 

I just tested out the integration with a sample typeform that i have and i was successfully able to get all the existing data pulled across into the file: see the image below


not sure what might be the issue at your end.. maybe try ‘publishing’ the typeform again and that will push the data.. I did the integration and the creation of the new excel file after reading your post.. so these results were already existing 


Thanks @john.desborough I tried ‘publishing’ again but this did not change anything. This issue seems to be happening when there is a lot (e.g. over 6,000) existing responses. It seems to work fine when there are fewer existing responses to import (e.g. around 800 or less). I’m wondering if this is a limitation in Excel, or something that Typeform could potentially address.

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@auk-blf welcome back 


you should probably raise a support ticket and have that team look into the issue. 


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Hi @auk-blf Were you able to reach the support team? :grinning:

Hi @Liz yes I was, thank you.

Adding some info here in case it helps anyone else with this issue:

  • Excel online integration only supports backfilling responses for forms with up to 1000 responses or less
  • Google sheets integration doesn't support backfilling of responses for forms with over 3000 responses
  • Recommendation is to download the responses to csv/xls and manually add them to an integrated sheet (making sure the data and the columns are in the expected order):
    • Token ID and network ID columns might have to be removed manually before copying/pasting the data over
    • Convert 1 or 0 boolean type into true and false
    • Concatenate data from ‘Other’ columns
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Thank you so much, @auk-blf ! This is really helpful information. I appreciate it! :grinning: