• 5 November 2021
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Question. Say  I have a domain.


then I have a type form.


I forward all of my to the


but now I am getting an 404 message not secure. my domain host I godaddy.


also how much is enterprise. that will be more smoother for my operation. 


does anyone have any example of type forms being used

2 replies

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Hi @Paul Packer Welcome to the community! How are you forwarding the domains? Typically we don’t support this, but it also depends on how you’re forwarding one domain to the other. 

As for Enterprise cost, you can learn more about the cost of this plan by getting in touch with our sales team here

Let us know if you have any other questions in the meantime!

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Hi @Paul Packer!

How are you doing today?

I was just wondering if you've had a chance to read Liz' comment here. In order to help you, we'd really need to understand how you're forwarding the domains! 

Hope you have a great week!