Embed a pre-populated field and pass data to Zapier

  • 19 January 2022
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Hi there,

I have a lead gen typeform that is used to push the data into a number of systems (slack, etc.). One of our systems does not have a direct typeform integration, so we are using Zapier. However… the target application’s Zapier oddly requires a gender field, and we cannot disable the field. We have no interest in asking people their gender, so we would like to embed a hidden field on our typeform that just passes a hardcoded value to Zapier, so Zapier can pass it to the other application. I’ve looked at the hidden field setup in Typeform and it seems to only append the data to a URL, which won’t work for me. Any ideas? Thanks!




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@robg - it’s easier than that.. just create a variable call it gender and set the default to the value you want. Say a text variable type and default of “NA”


that way the variable is available upon submission and can be passed through the zap



Thanks John! I’ve not used variables, I’ll try it out!