EU Servers for EU Companies, when?

  • 22 June 2022
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When will TypeForm have the option to select their datacenter (US,EU). I see many questions of data storage location and that would indicate to you that EU companies do not want their data to leave the EU. This makes it easier for example to use existing legal terms, having a more clear data protection architecture for reviews (when you are regulated in any way).

AWS services are built for just these scenarios so the technical backbone exists.

Is this on the roadmap?


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8 replies

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Hi @froady Happy Wednesday! Our security team is working on this, though it most likely won’t be released until at least toward the end of this year. As always, keep an eye on the community for updates!

We work with certain customers that require their data to be stored in Europe, so I wanted to ask if there are any plans to offer the option to decide where your data is stored soon? Typeform is a great tool and having this option would be a massive help. 



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Hi @LOD2293 I’ve added your post here where you can follow updates about this when/if we have them. 😁

I have the same problem. I really hope the option for EU data storage will be available soon.

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Hi @Liz do you know if this is any closer? - I have a client that requires European based data processing.




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Hi @LewisK I believe this is in the works, but it would only be available for Enterprise plans. Let me double check that!

Any news on this please? 


I would like to know when we can move.

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Hi @JDlightleap They are working on a solution for this, but it will be for our Enterprise plans only at this time.