generate unique promotion code as output for mailchimp

  • 15 July 2021
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Dear all,

I am trying to generate an 8 digit promotional code that I can send to mailchimp.

=> I created a feedback form for our clients and as a gift they should receive an email via mailchimp. 

=> this mailchimp email should contain this 8 digit code.

to do so I have a mailchimp field called *CODE* 


How do I generate this data for mailchimp without the client seeing this code when he fills in the typeform survey?


Please Help and thank you so much,


2 replies

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Hi Thanks for stopping by the community! It isn’t possible with our native integration to send data that isn’t passed into the form through hidden fields or through a question, so you would need to generate this data to be passed into a hidden field. 

@picsoung might have some fun workaround ideas for this that would help! 

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Curious to hear if you were able to find a solution.

Are the vouchers your own, or are you distributing gift cards from shops like Starbucks, iTunes or Amazon?

If this is the second case I would explore solution presented in this topic:

If its on your own system, the question is: where do those codes get generated?
if they exists in a database you can probably build a flow like this in apps like Zapier or Integromat:

  • form is submitted
  • get a code in database (could also be Airtable, Google Spreadsheet)
  • send this code via email

Let us know what you think about this