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  • 24 August 2021
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Hi all! I need to track info on Intercom through a Typeform Survey using the hidden fields. But hidden fields only allow to track User Data - I need to track a Company Data, how can i do?

When I set the survey up in the messenger, in the section for the hidden fields i can only scroll and choose Users Data to track - How/Where can I find Company Data to track?

e.g. I need to track the "Type" of Company where my users are from - which is the Company Attribute "Type" - so that i know that "This users is from this type of company - that other user is from that other type of company"...

Can you help on this? - thanks!


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HI @Brendan 
Thank you for your question.

As you noted our Intercom integration only let you map a hidden field to a User Attribute and not a Company Attribute.

Unfortunately I have no “quick fix” in mind at the moment, beside story this data at the user level.

Supporting Company Attributes would need some development work on our side.

@picsoung Thank you for your reply. Could be worth and helpful developing this feature too! :nerd: