Hubspot property not showing up as an option to connect to my question

  • 3 December 2021
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Did something change since mid-november in the Hubspot/Typeform integration?

Since then, I cannot (re)connect some of my question’s answers to the properties I created for them in Hubspot. Their name is simply not showing up in the options to connect. 


e.g. the question is “Share the link to your website”, the property I created (and which was getting populated before mid-november) is “website-survey-1” for instance. But in the “Connect” setting, while granting access to Hubspot and wanting to connect the answers to the question to the property, the property is not showing up as an option… Why? Any clue? 

3 replies

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Hi @Susie Happy Friday! I hope you’re having a good week, besides the Hubspot issue. 

One thing you’ll want to be sure is that the fields are exactly the same between the two products and any changes to the form have been published before you try to connect them. 

You can view the field types supported here

If the field types match and the form has been published but it’s still not working properly, then I would suggest giving our support team a message from your account email here. They’ll be able to log into your account and take a further look into this for you!

Hi, I actually found the solution myself by testing (and miracle!) but you need to add this info to the page explaining how to connect Husbpot properties to typeform results:


When creating a property in Hubspot, you need to tick the box “us in forms & bots” in “field type”. When creating a new property, it’s quite easy to find it (and logical to click on it), but as most of our properties did not have it ticked (as we did not need it before with Typeform), it disconnected all properties that did not have it from our typeforms, without us noticing. I would highlight it in the requirements on your guidance help center page. 


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Oh, that’s interesting, @Susie . I haven’t heard that before. Do you have a screenshot of that box so we can reference where it’s located?