If a user enters an invalid email address and specifically uses a domain that doesnt exist the record is not being sent to hubspot

  • 13 January 2022
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We are integrating type form with hubspot.  

If the user enters an email address with an invalid domain the record is stored in type form but it is not transferred to Hubspot. 


You can create a contact in hubspot with the same email address...but somehow these contacts with invalid emails are getting dropped between type form and hubspot. 


Any ideas?


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4 replies

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Hi @JoeWho Thanks for stopping by the community! I haven’t heard of this yet. By invalid email, do you mean if they typed something like: instead of Or any particular types of invalid email addresses you’re seeing not pull through to Hubspot? 


cc’ing @kabir.mathur 

Yes an email without a real domain.  so I imagine doesnt actually exist.  I dont know if the email was glitch or maybe website was the problem but for the fake ones the record was not making it across. 

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it sounds like Hubspot might be using some sort of validation on the other side - neverbounce or something like that to validate the domain… It might not be a typeform issue but a ‘data validation’ rule on the other side of the fence.. 

i would suggest checking with Hubspot support as well.. 


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Thanks for the quick response @john.desborough!


Hi @JoeWho. The issue is exactly what Des has described. Hubspot uses email validation on their side, while Typeform doesn’t. We simply leverage Hubspot’s APIs to create contacts in their CRM when a typeform receives a response. Hubspot’s API has the ability to reject a specific contact if certain conditions (such as a valid email being present) aren’t met. 


I hope this is helpful!