Linking a typeform to a specific sale

  • 17 March 2021
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I am looking to get some customer feedback from my first typeform.

I want the respondant to answer regarding a specific product that was just delivered. Can I link my typeform to a specific invoice or other reference to a sale?


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Hey @PavlosP. Welcome to the Typeform Community! :hugging:


Do you mind sharing more details about how you'd like to link the typeform to a sales reference? If I understood your use case properly, you could use hidden fields to customize the reference number and send it to the customer. More details about hidden fields can be found here


Let me know if this is what you're looking for :)

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Let me get more specific.

I want my customer to get a message saying: “Hey *John*, today you received *this item* from us and we’d realy appreciate your feedback!”


Do I have to edit *John* and *this item* into my form every time or is there another way to tag these on?

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Hey @PavlosP. Thanks for clarifying. You can totally use Hidden Fields for this purpose! :hugging:


After setting this up according to this help center article, your typeform URL will be like this:


The “xxxxx” after “name=” and “product=” are the Hidden Fields. The “xxxxx” needs to be replaced with real data in order for the typeform to pass the data into your Results


Also, you can use the Recall information feature to display the name from the hidden field. 


This way, you'd add: 

Hey [@recall from hidden field name] today you received [@recall from hidden field product] from us and we’d really appreciate your feedback!”


Hope this helps! :) 

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@PavlosP @Mariana 

two things that strike me:

  • as @Mariana says, the hidden fields passed to the Typeform will result in the nice effect of personalization
  • you will likely need to generate the link with the values for the hidden fields from your internal systems - ie using something in your POS/sales system to extract the data from the fields and to place it in the URL string that you are going to embed in the email. 
    • i am assuming that the order for the product is NOT coming from a Typeform - if it was it would be too simple to solve lol.. 


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Thanks guys!


The data is coming from Ninox, an online database system we’re using. I haven’t found an integration yet…


I’ll try out your advice an dlet you know if it works.

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@PavlosP - something that might work:

  • use a sql query to extract the field data and dump it into a Google Sheet
  • create a ‘calculated field’ in the sheet that puts the data elements into the url string (as a hidden field construct for typeform) and have the url string be one data field element
  • using the Document Studio add-in for Google Sheets, you can create an email to send to the user that has the link pasted into the body of the email as a field (from the insert merge field option at the bottom) wherever you want it in the field. 

this add-in will run on demand or ‘every hour’ and will act on the new records in the sheet.. 

it might be an option 

see the images below from a version that i am running 


just a thought on how you might be able to “automate it” somewhat



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It worked!


I haven’t automated anything yet but the customization works!