NOTION Integration Trouble

  • 24 June 2024
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Hi there,

Ive been wanting to try the notion integration in type form and created both a test form in Typeform and Notion with a simple Yes/No Question.

However, once asked to connect the questions to each other Typeform didn*t even show me the option of the question I*ve asked, in several tests not even the right form. 

Can anyone help me out here?


Thanks a lot! 



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3 replies

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Hi @Laura_ST_rody Thanks for stopping by the community. First, do you have all of the changes to your form published? Second, the yes/no question will integrate with a Checkbox, Text, Rich Text, Select, or Multi-select field in Notion. Do you happen to know if the field you’re integrating to is one of these?

Hey Liz,

thank you so much for your answer - it was the publishing that was missing :) 

Is there a list where I can see what kind of questions integrate with which ones in Notion as you explained? And do the answer options have to be the same in Notion as in Typeform? As I created a yes/no in Typeform and connected it with a Select (Yes, No) in Notion but then Notion created the answers true and false by itself. 
One other question - will there be a Microsoft Access Integration at some point to connect Databases straight from Typeform?  
Thank you so much for your help already!


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Oh lovely, @Laura_ST_rody ! Glad it was as easy as clicking the publish button. 

I should have included the mapping information before - sorry about that! You can find it here. There are some integrations in which the other product converts the yes/no into true/false - I believe the Excel integration is another one that does this. Otherwise, I would suggest keeping the answers the same in both platforms to avoid any possible issues. 

Finally, we don’t have an integration with Microsoft Access coming anytime in the future, but you might be able to connect the two together using Zapier or Make!