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  • 4 August 2021
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I would like to pass information based on the answers of a form in order to create a cart in my CMS check-out. 

Concretely, a customer creates his own box by selecting the product they want in the box. We gather the answers and push them to create a basket for the checkout in our CMS (magento 2).

Thank you for your help.




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6 replies

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Hi @Bastien Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by. How do you have the shopping cart on your site? For example, is it embedded on a webpage using Magento? Any further information you can provide would be handy!

Hi Liz,

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Yes it is embedded in the site but on a specific page (check-out page):

The idea would be to push the product in the cart based on the product ID.


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Thanks, @Bastien ! This site looks so cute. :heart_eyes: I’m asking a few colleagues if they’ve worked in Magento before to help me answer this question a bit more in-depth. 

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Hey @Bastien 
That sounds like a nice workflow.
I looked around and it seems like this is not possible since 1.8

Now you need a formkey to be able to redirect the user to that URL and add directly to their cart.

I checked two topics on StackOverflow that could be helpful

Hope it helps :)

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Thank you, @picsoung !!

Thank you very much @picsoung . This helps definitively!!!. I will report it to our developpers.