Passing respondent data from an Embed Survey

  • 25 March 2021
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Case: Exit survey embedded on our website.

I need to know user's name and email who is filling in the survey. Obviously, we have this data.
So, how can we send it to the Typeform to get this information in the report when someone finishes the form?




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Hi @Andy thanks for stopping by! Where do you have the respondent information stored? And how are you sending the form to the respondent? For example, are they seeing the form on your site after closing a window or do you send them to a page on your site directly to fill out a survey?

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Hi, Liz


we have the following flow:

The user decides to cancel the subscription

1) Go to your subscription page and click on a Cancel sub. button 

2) Double confirm that he wants to cancel it

3) Nex we will cancel it and redirect him to the next page with the embed Typeform (


So, we know who he is since we do not delete his data for six mo. So we have a User name, email, etc. 

Now we need to push this data to Typeform so we see who he is and how to contact him back if needed.


We don’t want to ask his email or name for obvious reasons (since we have all this data).

And this is just one flow.
Same question for other surveys for users. 


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@Andy - this is from a user..

you can use ‘hidden fields’ appended to the typeform URL string to send the data across.. what you need to do at your end is to capture the data fields and get that into the name/value pairings of the URL Enable your ‘target’ hidden fields in your typeform so that it is expecting them to arrive.. 

an example from one of my forms is to pass the email and firstname fields across into the following typeform. 


hope this helps



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I saw this solution, but I have very negative feelings about pasting any sensitive information into the URLs

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@Andy Thanks for sharing this! Like @john.desborough mentioned, you can pass data through hidden fields, which is currently the only way we have to pass data into the form. Would it at all be possible to pass their account ID or some sort of reference to their account on your site instead their personal information?