RecordTypeID not available as static field in Salesforce Form Mapping configuration

  • 22 March 2021
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Am I missing something or is “Lead Record Type” or “RecordTypeID” not available as an option to set in the ‘Static Field Mapping” section through the Salesforce integration. We have multiple record types and one of the reasons I am exploring this integration is to avoid having to use process builders, etc. to set the record type. 


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3 replies

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Hi @Bee ! Thanks for dropping by the community. We don’t have this option in the integration settings, but if there’s a particular use case you’d like to share, we’d be happy to hear more about it!

I noticed that the salesforce mapping does not allow for statically choosing the record type ID.  The last question I saw regarding this feature was 3 years ago.  Does anyone have an update if this feature will be available anytime soon?

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Hi @bpatnode1 I moved your post here to keep everything in the same thread. 😀 I’m afraid we don’t have this on the roadmap, but if that changes, you’ll be notified about it here.