Responses no longer auto-populating into linked google sheet

I have a 3-year old survey with a google sheet integration. I’ve never had issues before but any response submitted after 20/04 has stopped transferring to the sheet. Any advice on how to troubleshoot or re-connect? I am hesitant to make any changes as the data has many other integrations. 


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Hi @KatKin Do you happen to know if the form has a lot of responses? I know that Google Sheets has a limitation for how many cells it can have from an integration. 

@Liz Thanks for replying! The form has 28,685 responses. Any idea if this is close to the limit? If so, is there a way to get around this, or would I need to remove the integration, integrate a new sheet, and combine them manually? 

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Hey @KatKin wow that’s a good number of responses! 

Liz is off for the rest of the week so I’ve been doing some investigating. It looks like the limit in 2 million cells per sheet, this includes cells from other tabs and any existing cells from before the integration was set up.

If that’s not it, the integration can be sensitive so it might be worth looking at our troubleshooting article here.

Have you made any changes on your Google account recently? That can sometimes have an effect apparently! 


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Our support team usually recommend the following when the connection breaks:

First fully disconnect the integration.

Then, when you set it up again, choose "add new account" instead of the one already listed in the integration. You can still use the same account, but by adding it new, we're refreshing the authority to connect with your Google account.

You can connect the form(s) to the existing sheet in a new tab if you like, but before you do, it is important that you rename the "broken" tab to anything else. This is because the integration will name a tab in the Google sheet with the same name as your form, and if there already exists a tab with the same name, the integration cannot be completed.


Hopefully this helps and you can get the integration back up and running again, but let us know if you still have issues!