Salesforce Batch Size

  • 23 March 2021
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Hi, I have integrated Typeform with Salesforce and all is working fine until batch sizes increase. Mainly, there are multiple triggers that go off in my SFDC org when new Leads are created, and if I import, for example, 3 leads  from Typeform they cannot all execute properly.

My question here is: Is there a way to limit the Typeform batch size coming in to Salesforce? I have trouble seeing how as it is a managed package, but it is a really pressing issue that prohibits me from using Typeform in my organization at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

3 replies

Same question arose in my mind , will be following it if someone answered it.


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Hi @Azra thanks for stopping by! Are you receiving errors in Salesforce? If so, would you mind sending a screenshot of them? This will help me see why the data isn’t passing in. 

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Hi @Azra Are you still receiving errors in Salesforce?