Salesforce integration: Auto add lead to Salesforce campaign - API integration

  • 9 February 2023
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I am looking to get my Typeform integration to assign a lead created via a Typeform survey response to a campaign in salesforce. When I look at doing this within the form mapping section of my Typeform salesforce dashboard (within the static fields section) this isn’t populated as an option in the dropdown. 

I am trying to understand if this was an issue with set-up that is isn’t pulling this field from salesforce / if its a salesforce issue / or if this is something that’s not able to be completed within the integration. 

I am asking the same of our salesforce rep however, also thought id sound the question here to see if this was something anyone else has also experienced / could aid with at all? 



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5 replies

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Hi @BI WORLDWIDE EMEA Happy little Friday! This is an interesting idea, but sadly not a feature of our native integration. You could try setting this up with something like Zapier. 

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Thanks so much for confirming Liz, not to worry, we may be able to code directly in salesforce, unfortunately we don’t use third part integration apps to aim API integrations so Zapier isnt possible for us. Thanks again.

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Not a problem, @BI WORLDWIDE EMEA . Let us know if you think of any other questions!

So @Liz You create the Contact or Lead, create the Account etc. in SFDC but not the Campaign or Campaign Member...that seems like a no-brainer… 

Use case = Google Ads sends viewer to our page with UTM attributes. Viewer submits Form and Lead is created in SFDC, Campaign Member is also created in SFDC and this is where the UTM attributes go.  Now I can track my Ad spend to a Lead/Contact/Campaign as it moves through the funnel and becomes and Opportunity with revenue.

UTM data on Leads and Contacts would get overwritten if the person engages with other marketing forms so there isn’t a closed loop.

How do we get this on the Product Roadmap?

Pretty please and thanks.

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Hi @Tommm Thanks for stopping by and sharing this! I can pass along this feedback to the product team. 😀