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  • 23 June 2022
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Hi, I’d like to send/view the summary report of a typeform in Excel so that I’m seeing the total answers for each question displayed in columns and rows. I understand I can download “All responses” but this doesn’t calculate the percentage of people who answered a certain way for each question. Any ideas on how to do this? I basically want to see Q1 - 3 people clicked “not interested”, 10 people clicked “interest” etc etc.


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3 replies

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Hi again @The Wellness Workshop ! We don’t have this feature natively within Typeform, but you could try to use a third-party tool for this. 

@john.desborough @Kosta or @guidowalter might have some examples of a setup of this, if they’ve done this with their forms. 😀

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@Liz @The Wellness Workshop - that is just a function of creating a separate reporting tab internally and running some functions to do those calculations - sort of alike a mini dashboard.. 

i do this sort of thing in my google sheets for data quality/governance assessments where i pull the input from a user into a master list and have the set of values for counts, average scores for category and industry, etc, updated all the time… ie if 10 people from aerospace respond today, the averages for that industry sector in my output reports will be slightly different in a version of the report you see from yesterday to just after the last respondent gets theirs today (might be small based on the number in that industry but… ) 



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Thanks @john.desborough and @Liz. I was hoping there was an instant way to do this as it appears in the “summary report”. The data has a lot of “countif” formulas when I’m creating calculations in Excel so it’s taken quite a long time. All good if not, was hoping I could save time!