Stripe payment integration enabling Apple Pay (maybe on Enterprise?)

  • 4 October 2021
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Love using Typeform’s easy payment collection integration via Stripe, but I’d love one more thing: using Apple Pay (or Google Pay, etc.) on the payment screens of the Typeform. Is this doable?

According to Stripe, they accept Apply Pay with a registered domain.

However, with the domain name always being a domain on my forms, does that keep me from being able to accept Apple Pay since I can’t register

With the roll out of custom domains on Enterprise, would this allow me to register my own domain on Stripe and collect payments via Apple Pay?


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9 replies

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Hi @mt_barrios Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by! We don’t currently have this feature in our Stripe integration, but I’ve tagged @kabir.mathur here for the feedback. 

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Thanks @Liz and @kabir.mathur for responding and looking into it! This would be a big asset.


I love and prefer using typeform, but I noticed jotform has a functionality that allows two things in looking for.

  1. Recurring subscription payments through Stripe without leaving the form
  2. Ability to use Apple Pay and other mobile payments through Stripe without leaving the form

Is there a plan to enable these features in typeform? This would be great!


for reference:

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Hi @mt_barrios Thanks for stopping by! I’ve merged your new thread with your previous here to keep the threads consistent. As always, if we have any updates, we’ll post them here. :grinning:

It is indeed plausible to utilize Apple Pay (or Google Pay) as a payment option in the payment interface of your Typeform, given that you possess a registered domain with Stripe. However, as Typeform's domain is invariably of the variant, it may not be feasible to register it with Stripe.

Fortunately, due to the recent release of customized domains under the Enterprise plan, it is plausible that you may register your very own domain with Stripe and avail of Apple Pay for collecting payments. This would enable a more extensive array of payment choices for your customers, potentially augmenting the conversion rates.

It is worth mentioning that integrating Apple Pay (or any other payment option) into your Typeform necessitates some level of technical expertise and may require additional integration work with Stripe. To execute this task optimally, consulting a developer or seeking guidance from Stripe's support team may be deemed necessary.

Im hoping with typeforms stripe integration it can accept subscription payments and other form of payents that stripe offers without leaving the form!

When will this feature be available?

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Hi @ShinsoBlood I’m afraid we don’t have plans for this at the moment, but as always, if that changes, we’ll post so here. 



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Hi @Almeera Bilal Is there anything we can help you with in terms of a Typeform or VideoAsk?