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  • 17 February 2021
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Anyone knows how to transfer Typeform scores through an integration to an external system? I use MailerLite, cannot find a way to do this….


Best answer by kabir.mathur 27 February 2021, 01:01

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9 replies

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@MortenAndersen - this post if from  a user


check out this article here - MailerLite is mentioned



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Hi @MortenAndersen. This is Kabir from Typeform’s Partnerships team. Our team is responsible for creating integrations with other SaaS tools.

To answer your question, we don’t support the mapping of the score variable to MailerLite via our native integration yet. This is something we can look into for future iterations to the integration though. 

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Are you trying to qualify leads with a Typeform quiz before creating them as contacts in your MailerLite account?

Hi Kabir

The use case is that the typeform calculates a score telling me something about the size of the solution the customer are interested in. Like to send them customized emails with price indications that corresponds to the score, which is why I need the score transferred to MailerLite. I understand it’s currently not possible with the native integration. Is this something you can implement? Or does it work if I use Zapier instead on the native integration? 

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Hi @MortenAndersen. Thanks for sharing that information, it’s very helpful!

Our native integration doesn’t yet support the score variable. I’ll be sure to add this request to our backlog.

In the meantime, it should be possible to create the workflow that you’ve described by using Typeform, Zapier, and MailerLite’s Automation features. You can setup the flow as follows:

  1. Create a typeform score quiz that collects the user's email
  2. Setup a Zap in Zapier with Typeform’s ‘New Entry in Typeform’ trigger and MailerLite’s Create/Update Subscriber in MailerLite
  3. Make sure to select a destination subscriber list in MailerLite and to map the user’s email from your typeform to the email field in MailerLite. You will also be able to map the Score (variable) to a field within MailerLite
  4. Test the Zap and save it
  5. Navigate to your MailerLite account and start creating a new workflow from the ‘Automation’ tab
  6. Setup the workflow to trigger when a user is added to the destination list that you chose in step #3
  7. Hit the + button and add a condition that’s related to the MailerLite field that the Score (variable) has been mapped to. You can add as many branches to this conditional step as needed
  8. Define customized email templates to correspond to each of the branches configured in the previous step
  9. Save your workflow

Please let me know if this solution works for you or not. 

This is helpful. I have a similar need, with a ThriveScore assessment I use in Typeform that gives each business owner a score on how they are currently doing. I would love to transfer that to a custom field in ConvertKit, ideally via the native integration but I will try doing that via Zapier.

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@kabir.mathur @Liz 

has the Mailerlite integration been updated to permit mapping of variables yet? or are we will on the Zapier/Integromat path??





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Hi @john.desborough I don’t believe it supports variables still, but @kabir.mathur might know if this is a feature they’ll be adding. 

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Hi @john.desborough. We don’t have any imminent plans to add variable mapping to the MailerLite integration at the moment. The Zapier path is the best one to use for now.

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@kabir.mathur - thanks.. appreciate the response from you and thanks @Liz for the nudge..