Troubleshooting Typeform Integration: Styling, JavaScript, and Submission Challenges

  • 23 June 2024
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Hello Typeform Community,

I'm currently working on integrating a Typeform survey into a specific section of this website and could really use some guidance.

Here's a brief overview of the challenges I'm facing:

  1. Styling and Responsiveness: I've embedded the Typeform survey using the provided script, but it doesn't blend seamlessly with my website's design. Despite trying to adjust the CSS, the survey's appearance remains inconsistent across different devices and screen sizes.

  2. JavaScript Conflict: The Typeform seems to clash with other JavaScript elements on my page, leading to unexpected issues like the survey not loading properly or certain functionalities not working as intended.

  3. Submission Handling: Once users complete the survey, I want to redirect them to a specific 'thank you' page on my site. However, I'm struggling to capture the survey submission event and trigger the redirection.

I've consulted the Typeform documentation and tried various solutions, such as tweaking embed options and using CSS overrides, but I haven't managed to resolve these issues due to my limited technical expertise.

If anyone has encountered similar challenges or has insights on best practices and effective workarounds for integrating Typeform seamlessly into a website, I would greatly appreciate your advice and support.

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions!

1 reply

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Hi @brokelee Could you send the URL where you have the form embedded so we can take a look?