Typeform linked to Google Spreadsheet (upload file)

  • 8 February 2023
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Hi all,

Since uploading a file into the typeform is part of the paid plan, I wanted to ask you guys first how this function works instead of paying for it upfront.


I linked my typeform to a google spreadsheet but my question goes as follows:


  • What happens when people upload a file into the Typeform (an image, a pdf, ...), how does it get displayed in the spreadsheet cells?
  • For example: If person A fills out the typeform and uploads his logo (within the typeform), will the image of his logo be showing in the spreadsheet (Row: Logo’s) if linked correctly?

Thanks for helping.


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Hi @Vedettweekend That’s a great question! When an image is uploaded, in the Google Sheet, the file upload field will display each image as a URL in which you’ll need to be logged into your Typeform account to access the image. 

While we don’t have a way to display the images natively in the Google Sheet through our integration, you could use Zapier and a solution like below if you’d like to unfurl those images: