Typeform to Facebook Conversion API. Has anyone got it working somehow?

  • 23 August 2021
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Due to ad blockers and what not the importance of sending data to Facebook via Conversion API has become important. Read a case study where they saw an uplift of 46% in conversions by simply doing this.

Since Typeform doesn’t have a direct integration with Facebooks Conversion API, has anybody found a way to get this working? Would be grateful for any tips.


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9 replies

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Hey @Heiman! Welcome to the Typeform Community! :hugging:

Unfortunately, I don't know of any workaround to help you with that. The only integration we have is the Facebook Pixel one. Make sure to read more about this in this article

​​​​​​Maybe @john.desborough or @Michaela can have any suggestions! :four_leaf_clover:

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@Gabi Amaral - nothing to add from this end.. sorry 



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Hey @Heiman , hello guys, hope everyone’s having a great day :slight_smile:

Thanks @Gabi Amaral for tagging me here!

You could totally use Integromat. It’s an integration/automation platform that lets you connect your Typeform account to pretty much any other online service and streamline all kinds of workflows. 

To see what the options are, you can check out the currently available features of the Typeform and Facebook Conversions API integrations. 

If you’d like some more specific info or help, ask away, I’ll be happy to help :raised_hands:

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Hey @Heiman:wave_tone2:

Did you have time to check out @Michaela's suggestion? I'm hoping Integromat can help you! :wink:

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Thanks. I’m actually aware of the Integromat option but I was hoping I wouldn’t need to go down that rabbit hole 😅


Has anyone worked on an integration between Typeform > Facebook CAPI using Integromat? If so, would there be some kind of documentation that could speed up the setup (instead of having to figure out the integration myself)?


Best regards,


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Hi @Heiman You should be able to see the integration options of Typeform and Facebook Conversions API integrations through the corresponding links! 

Hi, Are you going to develop the integration of FB Conversion API ?in light of the change in ios tracking, this is a very useful thing.

It’s not just useful, it’s essential. Integration tools like Zapier won’t work because Typeform’s pixel integration doesn’t pass an external ID.

If you’re using FB advertising then it’s time to move on from Typeform because they’re clearly ignoring the issue.



Agree that Conversion API is essential…. not just a nice-to-have.