Using survey recipient data to branch within a survey

  • 16 November 2021
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We send out VOC surveys each month. We have a list of clients we send these to and we know what services we provided. We would like to be able to tailor the survey based on who is completing the survey. We do ask for name and email so we could use that as a unique identifier but we would need to be able to use that to look up data in an excel file or other database (make it visible to Typeform) so we can use that information to determine how to customize the survey (branching). 


is it possible to have Typeform consume data real time that can be used in the logic function within the tool or is it only able to use data entered into the form real-time.


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3 replies

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Hi @Bob Gerardi Thanks for stopping by the community! It isn’t possible to connect Typeform to an external database, so you would need to pass information into the Typeform using hidden fields and use logic jumps then to show questions accordingly. Depending on how your directing the respondents to the Typeform, you should be able to pull information from a CRM system and place it into the URL using the hidden fields. 

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Hey @Bob Gerardi! Were you able to check Liz's answer? I believe it should help you to understand how Typeform works with hidden fields, logic jumps and pulling info from a CRM system! 

Yes I was able to get it working. We use HubSpot and are able to pass contact property fields using the hidden fields appended to the url of the typeform. thank you!