Can't map videoask question with Hubspot properties

  • 17 December 2022
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Hi. We want to send our VideoAsk answers to HubSpot using the HubSpot integration. Everything is fine until we have to choose an option to match with any HS field. This is the message that appears in the select field: “There are no fields available to select - please contact the integration administrator”

We checked already that the contact form option is activated, and the email field is mandatory. 


This is happening with all our videos.



5 replies

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Hi @Manuel Rivera thanks for letting us know about this, there appears to be a bug with the HubSpot integration, it’s not happening to everyone so we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

I’ve added you to our bug report list so will keep you posted as soon as there’s an update 🐞

@Grace I am also getting this error, any update on the bug?



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Hey @RBT VideoAsk Admin thanks for flagging here, I’ve added you to the list of affected users.

At the moment we don’t have a fix but we are working on it so I will keep you all posted here with any updates. 

In the meantime we’re recommending connecting to HubSpot via Zapier as a workaround. 

@Grace any update on this?

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Hey @RBT VideoAsk Admin thanks for checking in. It seems that this bug has flagged some extra stuff with the HubSpot integration that the product team need to work on. Seems like it’s going to be a big project so I don’t think there will be a short term fix. 

I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but I think for now it’s best to use Zapier to integrate with HubSpot. Sorry it’s not good news but I will definitely keep you posted here as and when things change.