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  • 4 October 2021
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Hey Videoask peeps!

Question for you – I want to embed/link a videoask into my welcome email sequence in Flodesk (my ESP), does anyone know if this is possible? 

Saw the guide for partial embed in gmail etc but I want it automated as part of my mailing list onboarding campaign. I think this may be a limitation at Flodesk’s end as they have a video URL block in their email creator but not an embed option… Just thought I’d check in case one of you managed to conquer this little challenge already 😅



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5 replies

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Hey @belinda_long . I created a new conversation/question on your behalf! Easier for the VideoAsk team to spot it cc @Maya @Grace 🤓

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Hey @belinda_long great question!

Most email marketing tools don’t allow a complete embed, but you may be able to use the partial embed option we have which generates an animated gif in the body of the email to catch the attention of the recipient, however, the videoask still needs to open in a new browser page to be interacted with.

We’ve not heard of a work around for Flodesk (yet!) do you think it could work to use the partial embed and send to multiple people for your onboarding campaign? In this help center article we have an example of how it can work in mailchimp which may be transferable to Flodesk :fingers_crossed:

Hopefully this helps but let us know if you have any other questions!


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Thanks for linking my question! @Gabriel 

Cheers for that info @Grace ! So, it doesn’t look like Flodesk offers any embed block option within the email body at all & if I copy and paste the embed code into the body of the email it just sits there like a bunch of code 😭

At this point the best I can come up with is to use the “reply to me” button to link to my videoask URL which opens in another window with my videoask welcome video and the three options to reply via videoask, audio or text. But, don’t worry, I’m determined, haha I’ll get in touch with Flodesk & see what workaround they can come up with.

Will keep you all posted 😉

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I’ll also add this as an integrations request, let us know if Flodesk have any good ideas! :bulb:

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Fantastic, thank you! @Grace