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  • 2 September 2022
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Our company works with a number of different brands. We have setup a VideoAsk in order to learn some of their brand preferences. The responses are then sent to Google Drive where we have a few automations setup to generate a brand profile. However, if we receive an incomplete submission (due to a user leaving the page before completing), it breaks the automations. 

Is there a way that we can filter out the incomplete responses (using tags and/or zapier) so that only the complete responses are sent to Google Drive?


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4 replies

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Hi @Tim S 😁 Thanks for your question!

Depending on your flow, using Zap filters in Zapier might work for filtering out the incomplete responses to Google Drive 🤔

We have some info on setting up the zaps in our Help Center here and I’ve added this to our Feature Request board too for the product team to consider.

It’s always tricky as VideoAsk collects responses after each step, rather than at the end of the form, but hopefully Zapier can save the day here! 🤞

Let me know how you get on!

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Like @Grace mentioned, Filters by Zapier should do the trick!

You can select the last step of the videoask and check if the answer of that last step has a value/exists. If it exists, that means the response is complete and you can continue the Zap automation.

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Thanks @Grace and @andrew_videoask Found what I was looking for 😁

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Great stuff @Tim S sounds like an interesting use case, let us know how it goes!