Flodesk and Instagram [VideoAsk]

  • 7 January 2022
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Hello! I just realized I can not add my VIDEOASK to my Flodesk newsletters which is a major disappointment. Is there anyway to add my VIDEOASK as an Instagram post? An actual post or story not a bio link.



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6 replies

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Hi @SBNNL Thanks for stopping by! I know that Flodesk has an HTML option, but their builder is pretty restrictive for how they accommodate custom HTML. What issues are you seeing when embedding it? 

As for sharing the VideoAsk on Instagram, you could copy the VA link and post that in your profile. I personally use for my Instagram because then I can add a bunch of links to that one. 

Thanks for responding @Liz!

I don’t see an HTML option on Flodesk. There's a video option but it’s basically video from Vimeo or Youtube only which it pointless because it removes the essence and features that make VideoAsk what it is. If I try to sneak the code into Flodesk I can see a preview of the VideoAsk but ultimately I can’t sent the newsletter out. I get an error message about the delivery failing. 


For Instagram, I was trying to post to my actual grid. I’ve used but now I use Drum. I have the VideoAsk posted there but I would love to be able to have the VideoAsk on my post grid or in a reel as well.

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Oh, shoot, sorry, I realize I read their article here incorrectly. It looks like they don’t support any HTML. I used Flodesk in the past, but I hadn’t tried adding HTML. :\

Would it be possible to take a screenshot of the preview of the Videoask and then hyperlink to it? 

As for IG, I think this would be a similar thing as the workaround above. If you want them posted to the grid, you would need to add a photo or video, and since VA is a form, you wouldn’t be able to add a form directly into the grid. Though, you could post the very first video in your form as the grid image/video and then link to it!

Thanks @Liz! I think you’re right. Seems like the only options are to post screenshots or an image and then hyperlink or for IG - add the link to the caption of the post. I hope there are better integration options soon! Thanks again!

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Hopefully so! I can’t say I’ve heard of a request to integrate with Instagram, but it makes a lot of sense, seeing it’s a video form and all, @SBNNL . 

Cc’ing @Maya !

@Liz @Maya consider this a big Instagram integration request! Thank you!