Generate a quiz pdf report emailed to each respondent, videoask

  • 14 January 2023
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Hi friends!

I’m using video ask for a quiz. I need to take their responses and spit out an individual tailored report emailed to them as a pdf. 

I’m having a hard time figuring out connections I need with zapier.

videoask to google sheets to google data studio to… ?

Or should I hire an API/webhook coder?




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Hey @Roozehra Khan love this idea!

Is the PDF generated from the answers given to the quiz, or based on the answers given they will receive a specific PDF that relates to them? 

I think you will be able to put something together with ZAPIER but I guess it will depend where the PDF is coming from. 

Tagging @andrew_videoask in this one too as I’m sure he’ll have some ideas!

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@Roozehra Khan Have you tried using Google Docs to generate the PDF?

I believe another one of our customers used that approach in the past and it worked pretty well.



Thanks to both of you for your responses!

I looked into zapier but it appears that the zap will create a google doc for ME. I don’t see where it would make it for the customer and email it to them. Then the question becomes who’s google drive will all these docs come from? I’ve had about 7000 people go through my old quiz.

The PDF would be VERY specific for them, so I wouldn’t be able to create 4 PDFs and an email tag that could generically give them the info. I’m having them input very specific data and then I have very specific advice on what to do next. There’s at least 100+ combinations. 

I could just make it super simple, but no one else in my industry is doing this and it would be SO valuable to my customers. 

Any other thoughts?



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@Roozehra Khan - if you can integrate all the data into a google sheet, you can create a template in a google doc and use Document Studio, an add-on for Google Sheets, to merge the data from the sheet with the template, generate the pdf output file and email it to the respondent. 


just a thought


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@Roozehra Khan In that case, your best bet is working with a developer who can automate this process in a scalable way.

I’d recommend creating a job post on a freelance site like Fiverr or Upwork 🙂