Integrating Video Ask Responses to Google Slides

  • 24 November 2022
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Hello Community :-) 


I would like to translate my respondent’s answers into a visual presentation using Google Slides. i.e. I would like to pull any text, images, videos and audio clips that are submitted into a unique slide deck for each respondent. 

These are the steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Using Zapier, I created a Zap that creates a new slide deck from a template when a response is submitted 
  2. Using Zapier, I have pulled through the text into the slides

I then ran into a couple of issues. 

I can only pull through the URL of the any media that is submitted, rather than the files themselves

There was no URL available to pull through for images - only answer ID, Answer timestamp, Question overlay text, Question title and Question type. 

Can anyone advise me on the most efficient method for automating the embedding of images, video and audio into the slide deck? 


Thank you

4 replies

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Ooh this is a good one @Zeb Hearn interested to learn a bit more about your use case!

I’ve not seen anyone send responses to Google Slides before, I’m wondering if it’s possible to download the video file rather than the URL.

You can certainly download from VideoAsk to Google Drive using Zapier, I wonder if it would be a case of adding an extra step in there to download the videos and then send them to the slide 🤔

Perhaps @andrew_videoask might have some ideas on this…

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Hey @Zeb Hearn clever idea here. 
I’ve worked with someone who configured VideoAsk with Google Doc to create a summary of responses, but text/transcripts were sufficient there. 

Eager to hear more if you have any additional context to add, otherwise I’m jumping on to learn more alongside you on this one!

Hi @Grace @DNALewis 


Thank you for both of your replies. For more context, I am creating an interactive game, where users input their answers via either audio, video or photo. As a reward for completing they will receive a visual story of their answers styled up in a set of google slides via email. 

Currently it looks like we will need to send all the audio, video and image answer URLs to sheets, and then write a script to embed the files into slides from there. We will then use Zapier to send any relevant text answers across. 

Still keen to learn if there is a more streamlined or other options for doing this. The hope is that the full process will be automated. 

Thank you! 

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This sounds very cool @Zeb Hearn such a great idea so send back the story via Google slides! 

I’m not sure if it’s possible to automate sending the video/audio files straight to the slides at this point, but let’s see if anyone figures something out!

Keep us posted on how you get on with this, would love to hear how you continue to develop the idea 😊