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Hi there,


I know that we can redirect users to a desired URL, but … can I put a URL on the End Screen (the one and only End Screen)?


I want to put a link too on the End Screen, this would be great.


Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! ;)


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Hi @Sang Truong Yes, you can certainly do that! I would suggest hyperlinking it like this: 


Hi again, @Sang Truong I just updated my gif to the correct one. This is what happens when I don’t wear my glasses when working. 🤣

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Hey @Sang Truong if you’re using VideoAsk, that’s not currently possible though - maybe Typeform could be a good alternative for calculating your quiz and having a personalized end screen? 

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Hey @Grace and @Liz ,


I’m currently not using Typeform, but thanks for the answers! It’s really helpful, and I’ll try to use Typeform soon!

I wish you guys a great day! 😁