Using Variables in videoask embed from Paidmembership Pro (or alternatively Learndash)

  • 16 January 2023
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I would like to use videoasks on members only pages but don’t want them to need to fill out the name and email fields. (

Is there a way to do this?

If not… is there a way with Learndash?)



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Hi@Jimbo thanks for stopping by! Will the videoask be embedded on a webpage? 

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A registered user on my Wordpress site. 

Enrolled in a Learndash course

With a membership level from Paidmemberships Pro.

Not sure if one of these is an easier way to access that information. 


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Hmmm @andrew_videoask do you think there could be a way to feed the contact information from a registered user to an embedded videoask? 🤔

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@Jimbo If WordPress or Learndash allow you to pass the member’s name and email into the URL of the page itself (e.g., or into the code of the webpage, then you can definitely automatically populate that info in the videoask 🙂

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Has anyone ever tried to do this before? 

It seems like a natural way to interact with members or students, but not if they have to give their name and email at the beginning of each interaction. 

I can ask my web designer to take a look… 

Can you provide any hints, tips or examples they can use to speed up the search?

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Definitely, @Jimbo! Variables are a built-in feature in VideoAsk that let you automatically populate respondents’ contact information if you already know it.

All that your web designer needs to do is figure out how to pass the member’s information into the URL of the videoask you’re using. I’m thinking there should be a simple solution with JavaScript.

Hope this helps!