VideoAsk API: Can I access single answers in real time? For example via web hook

  • 9 November 2021
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reading the API docs of VideoAsk, I found the webhook “form_response” which seems to create the hook when one VideoAsk is fully submitted or has been left. I am using very long forms and would like to integrate the VideoAsks on my platform and then show separate notes when certain answers have been submitted. 


For example:

Do X after question 5 has been answered


How can I access any data of the user DURING the time he is filling it out?


Ideas so far:

  1. Webhook (does not seem to exist)
  2. API call for the answers of a user and then read the answer for a question_id that is question number 5. Then filter out only the answer from THIS user. Or send over a parameter to videoask at the beginning of the session hat will be saved in the answers and by that filter out the correct set of answers and then read it out. 


Thanks a lot!


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Hey @maxmax great question! 

It should be possible to use our webhooks and possibly some custom code to filter out specific responses from your videoask, but it may not be possible to do this in real time/whilst the respondent is still going through the videoask. As a workaround you could use logic to redirect to a new videoask depending on the answer to a multiple choice question which would trigger a form submission so you could collect that answer via webhook, run some custom code and redirect the respondent to the new videoask based on their answer choice.

This might be a little tricky though (or a little confusing!) if you are creating a long form videoask, we’ve just updated our webhook page here on the help center with more info on default webhook settings, and you can also find the link to our webhook documentation there, but let me know if you have any more questions or ideas for workarounds.


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Hi @maxmax Were you able to give the webhook documentation a peek? :grinning: