VideoAsk + Calendly but without video on second step

  • 16 November 2022
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Hey - I have a VideoAsk widget embedded on my sales page, asking people if they want to book a call with me, but when testing I realised the coffee video is just a distraction. How can I remove the coffee video and have it just go straight to the Calendly times after they click the button?



Can that be done? 


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5 replies

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Hi @Jackie Muscat, thanks for reaching out with your question!

I recommend deleting the second step of your videoask. Then in the Logic tab of your first step, you can set up a URL redirect to your Calendly link.

This won’t Calendly within the videoask widget itself, but it’s the next best workaround if you don’t want to display any video content. Alternatively, you could upload a placeholder video (like a solid color) to minimize distractions while still using the built-in Calendly solution. 

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any further questions!

Hey @andrew_videoask thank you for that.

I saw how this website is using it and wanted to emulate that - maybe it’s a snippet of code? (it appears after a few seconds so hang on in there)

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Hi @Jackie Muscat, thanks for sharing that example. Super helpful!

They’re using the same setup that you have pictured in your screenshot above; the only difference is they’re using a video with someone speaking whereas you’re using the coffee video.

Let me know what questions you have 🙂

OOOOH I see - so I have one extra step at the front! Got it!

DOH - so simple when you know. Thank you @andrew_videoask 

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Happy to help, @Jackie Muscat 😀