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  • 13 February 2024
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Hello community,


I'm a huge fan of VideoAsk—it's one of my favourite tools. 


I'm now integrating it into a new community platform I'm developing on Circle. My aim is to tailor the onboarding experience for the community members. Specifically, I plan to use VideoAsk to gather preferences from members when they log into the community. Their responses will help funnel them into Circle spaces or groups that match their interests.

To make this work, I intend to use known member information, such as their email and name, and append these details into the VideoAsk URL through custom parameters. This approach though leaves me wondering if there's more to it or if I'm missing an important piece of the puzzle. Has anyone here tackled a similar integration or has expertise with this setup? 


Thank you in advance!



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Hi @SBrown Oh I love Circle! It’s a great platform. I haven’t tried integrating a Typeform or VideoAsk on there yet, but possibly @Darnell knows? I’m not sure if you have a VideoAsk on your community, Darnell!

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Brilliant idea, @SBrown and one that I’m surprised I haven't yet thought of, as a multi-year VideoAsk user and multi-month Circle user, ha!

@Liz thanks for the tag.

I have not (yet) integrated VideoAsk into my community experience on Circle as an onboarding tool, but I have referenced VideoAsk several times and even put a few of our community members onto VideoAsk since I talk about it so much, lol.

That said, the one unique way I’m currently using both platforms is that one of my VideoAsks pre-qualifies (on a very high level) people who might be interested in our community. I talk a little about it and link to where they can learn more and join. But that’s the extent at this time.

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Hey @SBrown love this idea!

How will you be sharing the videoask to new members? You can pass contact details to the videoask with variables, but this might be dependent on how you’re sharing it.

If you get this setup I bet there are a few of us here that would love to take a look at it if you’re up for sharing 😉