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Hi all,

I am having a great doubt, because I would like to change my custom subdomain, like in the section in screenshot below, with another subdomain. 


At the moment I have many forms linked with google sheet and my question is: if I change the domain these links stop working? in case they still work, do I have to manually change all the links of the forms? do google sheets stay connected to the same tabs?

I await your answers




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Hi @Giacomo. Welcome to the Typeform Community :hugging:


Any changes that you make to your form (including the URL) might break the integration. This means you'd need to set this up again. In case you decide to do that, here is the step by step to integrate all of them again. 


Hope this helps =)

Im trying to solve similar issue. 

We have plenty of forms with custom URL, but I need to change it to a different one.
If I do so, does it mean the URL of the older forms will change as well and the links I have e.g. in wordpress will stop working?

Thank you,

Hi @Mariana,


I saw your answer from 7 months ago, but I have some more questions 

We would like to change our custom subdomain as well, and I wonder what it may break :

Thanks in advance for your precisions,



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Hi @Jeanne Phenix Welcome to the community! Our article here will give a breakdown on what happens when you change the URL of your forms. 

Let us know if you think of any other questions!