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Good morning all. 

Brand new to Typeform , I have been using ZOHO forms for the past 5 years, 
In my current Zoho plan I have a 500mb storage with a 5GB ADD on …

If I jump ship and start on the lower plan I only get 1GB storage right ? 

I receive file uploads from my clients every week in all of their submissions, so I think the 1GB is no where near enough. 

Are there bolt on additional file storage options ? 

Many thanks for any help and guidance. 



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Hello @Andy Naylor. Happy Monday and welcome to Typeform! 🎉 We hope you'll enjoy Typeform as much as we do. 


If you subscribe to the Essentials or Professional plan, you'll have 2GB storage. Under the Premium plan, it would be 4GB storage. 


While we don't offer the option to buy additional storage, there is a workaround I could think of! If you delete the already collected files, your storage space would be freed up. 


This means that you can use an integration like dropbox to send files directly to your account. This way, you can safety delete the files from your Typeform account and keep it in a different platform. To learn more about this option, you can check this help center article


Do you think this covers your needs?

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Hey there Mariana, 

Thank you so much for your reply . 

Do you mean something like a Zapier auto sending files to a special drop box folder ? 
is that possible? 

this would mean I could delete a month at a time and not lose the files right ? 

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@Andy Naylor That’s correct! The zap would automatically run by sending the files straight to the folder so you could then delete the files within Typeform. I’d make sure the files are in Dropbox just to be sure before you delete them from Typeform. 

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@Liz @Mariana where can I see the files stored in my account to delete them? 

If my storage capacity is full and my clients are still uploading pictures in the form, what would happen from their side? Will the form block or show error? 

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Hi @Deborah LB You can see the files within each of the responses in the forms, and to delete the files, you would delete the entire response.  

We don’t have a message yet that will let you know if the storage limit has been reached, but I’ve shared this with our product team to help make this clearer. 

Hopefully this helps!

Is there a way to know how much storage is in use and how much I have left?

What happens when I am out of storage space?

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Hi @Dor Posner We don’t have an option yet that shows how much storage you have used and have left, but our developers are aware of this. 

Hi guys,

What happens when new files arrive and the limit is reached ? Do you delete old files on a First In First Out basis ? I don’t mind this but would need to know for my customers to which I sold your product.

Thanks !

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Hi @NicoLargi It’s very rare for our customers to hit this limit as long as their use falls within what’s consider fair use. If and when this happens, we won’t delete anything before contacting you directly. 

Hi Liz, 


Thanks for coming back to me and for the info. That's exactly what I wanted to hear 😉


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Welcome, @NicoLargi !