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  • 23 March 2023
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I was going to send this as an email but i soon found out that sending an email to the Typeform is no easy task, so i am going to make myself look like a complete clown here.


I’ve created a small little Dota 2 game related quizz.

I was about to post this on Reddit where i am absolutely confident it would get just over 3000 respounses.

Sadly i do not have the 101.15 EUR to fund this fun little "project".

It would be the only Dota 2 related quizz that has the entire 130 heroes in the game as a result.


So my request is:


If you would kindly agree to upgrade my plan to 2500 results for ONE month you would get some free traffic and advertisement for your platform (that is extremly well made and easy to use btw, congrats on that).

Otherwise i am afraid my quizz will just die hidden in your platform and on my account that i might never use again.

If ANYONE is reading this email i am incredibly thankful for your time and i hope you agree that it’s not such a bad "deal".


Never tried e-begging before, i'm quite curious if it works.


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9 replies

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Hi @Sofia Vlad Thanks for stopping by! You’re definitely not a clown. 😀

I’m afraid we don’t have access to your account in the community, so you would need to contact our support team here for any questions about your account or plan. 

I allready did that but there was no response, that’s why i asked here, thinking you could put in a good word with the big boys upstairs.

Best regards, the clown.


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Hi @Sofia Vlad If you’re on the free plan, it may take a day or two to receive a response, but as long as you contacted from your account email, you’ll hear back from them!

Life is a series of awkward waiting periods separated by disappointing moments.


Best regards, the clown.

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@Sofia Vlad Were you able to reach our support team? 

Nope, nothing… i sent 2 emails allready...kinda lost hope.

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Hi @Sofia Vlad Our support team let me know they responded to your email today. If you haven’t received it, could you double check your spam inbox? 

Yes, they did answer today, thank you for your care, unfortunately it was all for nothing as i suspected.

You were kinda nice tho, answering every time and stuff, thanks for that .


The clowis out.

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Ah, well if you need anything else, you know where to find us, @Sofia Vlad !