Adding company logo to Respondent Notification

  • 15 April 2022
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I created a Typeform and would like to add my company’s logo so the email is branded. Every time I add the PNG file, it won’t save. Is there anyway to keep the logo on the email?



4 replies

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Hi @katelynhope Thanks for stopping by the community! Do you receive an error message when trying to save the image? Additionally, how large is the file? Any further info you can provide would be handy! 

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Hi @katelynhope! How are you doing today? Don't forget to check Liz' message above so we can try to solve this as soon as possible. The more details we have about the issue, the better! 🙏🏼

Hi, I’m trying to add in my logo to a respondent notification email - saw this post so wondered if it had been solved?

I drag the PNG file into the email draft and save it. But when I go back to the notification email, the image no longer shows. And the logo does not appear on the email when I send it out. I’m not getting an error message.

Also, how do I remove the footer from the respondent email notification too? See screenshot. Especially the long string of characters “ax4tsqy294yt1m122r4ax4tsq9sb92t7”.



I’ve used Zapier instead - it works pretty well and I’m getting to understand HTML coding! :)