Are there any plans to integrate with SharePoint-stored files?

  • 22 April 2021
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Hi guys

Just wondering, if there are any plans to integrate with MS365/SharePoint as a storage location of my default responses Excel? At the moment if I try to hook up the results into an Excel sheet I have no choice but letting it land in the top level folder on my user’s OneDrive. Even though I am using a specific account for this it is still extremely clunky and really that file should sit on SharePoint, or at least in the relevant folder. 

If it could one day auto-feed the answers directly into the Dataverse even better, but that is possible through PowerAutomate as well, so not immediate rush for it.


Any plans or even ETAs? Or specific challenges as to why it has not been done yet?





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Hey @WAD. Happy Monday! :hugging:


This isn't possible via our native integration, but the product team is aware of the integration enhancement request. I'd recommend or Zapier as an alternative in the meantime. =) Hope this helps!

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@Mariana Hi there, a year on from this post has the roadmap advanced to include a integration of MS sharepoint? 

If not, were you suggesting @WAD that she could use Zapier to connect Typeform and Sharepoint?



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Regarding my last question, Zapier does not connect the two and are merging in Oct 2022. Any other suggestions? Thks

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Hi @AndrewM I’m afraid I don’t have any workarounds at the moment, but it may be worth looking into Make to see if this is something they offer!