Can I change the answer field view? ​​

  • 30 October 2021
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I noticed that on Desktop, when entering the answer into a field, I cannot see what I wrote. I’m typing and as I’m typing the text disappears on the left as my character count grows since the view only allows for one line to be seen at a time.


Is there a way to change the answer field size/view, so that you can see what you wrote and easily edit it if needed?


If not, I’d like to make that a #featurerequest.



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4 replies

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Hey @JasminCoach 

You may need to use a Long text question instead of short text.

Long text questions will break lines, and you should see the whole answer, not just one line.

That solved it thank you!!

Is there a way to do this as text table format, rather than a running line?  Or is using the shift, enter for line breaks the only way?

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Hi @Krystyn Thanks for stopping by the community! I’m afraid we don’t have any customization options for how this field appears, but I can share this feedback with our product team. 

If you have any other questions or suggestions, let us know!