Can I change the thumbnail of the Typeform when I post a link?

  • 20 May 2021
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When I send “link” of my Typeform out on FB or other places, I get a very generic thumbnail. Looks like this. (below) Is there any way to modify or customize this?




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3 replies

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@steve - from a fellow user

if you go to the Share tab and look just below the Copy link button you will see a little link as shown in the image below

click that link and  you can change the details, like i did in the image below for a form of mine, by loading up an image and modifying the text. one note, the meta title will stay as your form name no matter how often you try to change it.. at least that is what i found. 


hope that helps.. 



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Des! Thank you so much. 

As you probably know, once you change the image it takes “awhile” (not sure how long) for the change to be made. But now looks wonderful!  Check it out.

Hmm. Doesn’t look like this chat space allows links to show the image. Oh well. Thanks again!


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@steve - glad it worked for you. you are correct in that it can take some time to get the preview re-indexed by the sites. there are some tools around for fb, twitter etc that will help to force the reindexing 



for exampls


nice site at your link .. looks great!