Can I track individual email source who respond to my survey?

  • 16 February 2021
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I’m embedding a Typeform Survey in an email. I would like users to answer my questions without them having to type who they are/email and still know who answered the survey. Would that be possible to track using Hidden Fields in Email?


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Hi @CallumM . Thanks for stopping by! :) Yes, this is possible! If you’re using a CRM system to pass the data in, you can add the merge tags into your email embed code to pass the data into the form.

If you check the email embed code you will find lines of code for each option in your Opinion Scale, something like this:


<a href="”

<a href="”

<a href="”


There will be several of these lines with the 'prefilled_answer=' going up to max number of your opinion scale. If you have a hidden field called ‘name’, you could add this to the end of that URL, so it will look like this:

<a href="”

If you are using Mailchimp then you’d just need to use the merge tag so it would look like this, instead:

<a href="|!dorothy|”

You would need to manually change the URL for each option in your opinion scale.

Does this help? :smiley:

Hi there, is there any limit to this tecnhique? I mean I have to send a survey to 20.000 user, in this way I can understand the answer given from each user?

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Hi @pap313 Thanks for stopping by! I’m not quite sure I understand - would you mind clarifying what limits you’re thinking? For example, are you wondering if there is a limit to the number of people you can send a form to? Or how many answers you can collect? 

Thanks in advance!

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@pap313 @Liz - my interpretation is that you want to send out the invite to a mailing list of 20,000 users that you have already and track who responds to the survey. 

if that is the case, then you should have your crm system (or some other method) of adding the user’s email address to the typeform URL as a hidden field. In the typeform, you should create the hidden field in the Advanced Logic area so that you are able to track it when someone comes to the typeform

in this way you would have the ability to match the user email and their responses back to your source data system for analysis. 

now in terms of 20,000 potential responses, your typeform subscription/[plan would have to be large enough to be able to support the number of expected responses that you will receive: if you are on a plan with 1,000 responses per month and this is not big enough, you are going to have to figure out what to do about up-scaling your subscription/[plan

thoughts @Liz ?



Hi there! Yes, I was afraid there was a limit in the number of values an Hidden Field can have :)

I am sending 20k email to my client's db in order to retrieve some feedback from their services, I am sure there won't be a 100% of user compiling but yes, surely I have to make an upgrade of the plan

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Hi @pap313 thank you! While there isn’t technically a max to the number of hidden fields you can have, the max character length of a URL is usually around 2,048 characters. I wouldn’t suggest having a URL longer than that because the form will take a very long time to load, too.