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I’m on Typeform Plus.

How do I go from the very unsexy to something that either names the survey or the company I’m doing this for, ie. ESB Connected?

Thanks in advance :hugging:


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@Sarah-Jane - just a couple of thoughts, take them for what they are worth:

  • you could use something like or Googles URL replacement utility to rename it
  • you COULD change it in your personal settings to be the client’s name but any other forms you create would also carry that name forward
  • you could convince the client to subscribe to typeform, have them name their custom domain and then work with Typeform Customer Support to move a copy of the form from your instance to the client’s instance (have done this myself ie the move)

you also just put in the name of the of the company ie ESB Connected and have the text hyperlinked to the survey (i copied your link) - this is not perfect but you could put it into anything like that.. 

just some thoughts and i might be running out of caffeine in my system… 




ps. it is still raining and dreary here in Ottawa

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thank you Des, caffeine shortage is never a good thing!

Good thought!

Bitly would presumably show me the entry route of the visit to the survey, without having to faff around and mucking up the utm source stuff, cos that’s beyond my skillset right now, and I haven’t got time to teach myself on :D

Thanks from good old Blighty!