Data collection details to include in my Privacy Policy

  • 28 November 2023
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I’ve checked the various links, articles and posts about GDPR compliance and have not been able to find the answer to my questions.


  1. Where do I get a list of all data that is collected from respondents that I need to mention in my Privacy Policy. 
  2. What is the retention policy on that data? Does it stay stored “forever” until I delete the corresponding answer from my survey? Or is there some sort of timed automation that eventually removes that data?

I’m imaging that the answer to question 1 “could look” something like this: 

We use Typeform  to conduct surveys. In addition to the survey form, the following data may be collected:

  • Browser cookies (e.g. to exclude repeated participation
  • Date and time stamps
  • Time taken to process a survey page

Typform also processes log data. When you interact with a Typeform survey, your browser transmits data, as it does every time you call up a website, which is stored in secure log files for the purpose of detecting errors and rectifying them:

  • Website/address accessed
  • Date and time of access
  • IP address of the user
  • HTTP status code
  • Amount of data retrieved
  • Browser type and version / operating system used


Where can I get the official information to fill out those bullet points? (And, as a reminder, also need info on Question 2, retention of that data.)

Thanks in advance!


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Hey @n3c welcome to the community, and great question! 😊

I think you should be able to find all the answers to your question in this Help Center article. It explains where and how the data is stored, cookies, ownership of the typeforms you create and what your responsibilities are as the owner.

Hopefully you can find everything you need over there but if something is missing let us know and we will find the answer (and get the article updated 😉)

Hey @Grace ,

Thanks for the quick response to my post! 

The article you linked was one of the many I had found in my research, but it doesn’t really answer my question regarding the definition of “my data”. 

If I am a respondent of a Typeform that asks no personably identifiable questions, what exactly is the “my data” that Typeform tracks on the technical side? (In retrospect, that’s how probably how I should have worded my original post.) For example, is my IP address associated with a timestamp and the pages I visited? Etc.

And how long is that data stored?

Can you point me to the path to find these specifics? Thanks again!

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Hi @n3c ah I see yes! I’m pretty sure data is stored indefinitely unless you ask for it to be deleted, but I’m going to double check all of this with our security team and get back to you! 

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Hey @n3c Typeform will collect information via cookies if they are enabled, and based on the banner that’s provided when accessing the typeform. Depending on the specific user preferences we may collect some information from the browsing session. 

The team have said if you want to dive deeper into this, would you mind creating a support ticket for our technical team so they can look at it in more detail with you? 

Will do. Thanks a lot, @Grace !


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Excellent, keep us posted on how it goes!