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  • 14 June 2021
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Hi new to typeform

when I

Share your typeform > 

Edit link preview

and customize then share link to twitter it just has the standard info.

Any ideas why not updating/parsin properl?


Best answer by john.desborough 14 June 2021, 14:34

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4 replies

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@taff - welcome to the community from a fellow user

it can take a while for the various sites to update their ‘view’ of the share link meta preview. 

sometimes you need to force the target site to update - try this link for twitter:




Thanks Des.


When I want to share on Facebook or as a SMS text, I keep getting the TYPEFORM image (below) vs my screen image with survey. How do I get the top pic vs the bottom pic? I don't see a “edit link preview” option on the SHARE Screen. 


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@Kbfirepitbbq - when you click Share, in the Typeform builder, you should see something like this  on the right hand side of the screen - change the Thumbnail with the image that you want and update the description to be what you want. Unless you have a screencap of the full top image (including the form question/options???)  you won’t see that full image but you can replace the default typeform image. 



hope that helps