Hidden Fields to recover email of respondants

  • 30 November 2023
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I have created a survey, and set a hidden field “email”.

To send this survey, I am using CleverTap which in turn uses Mandrill as an Email Service Provider. Mandrill being an extension/add-on from my company’s Mailchimp account.

My problem is that I don’t know what syntax to use to pull the email of my responders.

In this field: 

I have tried using the CleverTap personalization syntax @Profile - Email | default: "test" 

This didn’t work:

I have tried using the Mailchimp merge tag:  *|EMAIL|*

But when embedding the survey into CleverTap it tells me it needs a default value.


I contacted CleverTap explaining how the personalization syntax wasn’t working and their response was:
“Why you have added the Personalization commands in the Typeform because this is something which only accepted on the CleverTap Email editor to access the Personalization data from the user profile which is available on the CleverTap Dashboard.”

Which, wasn’t very helpful.

So, if anyone has any idea of how I can achieve this, please let me know.






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Hi @gabcoco thanks for stopping by with your question 😊

This is a bit tricky, my first thought was to use the Mailchimp merge tag, but you said that didn’t work. Does the Mandrill plugin have separate tags? 🤔

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Thanks @Grace I will have to find out (will update after asking my boss and devs), as I don’t actually interact with Mandrill or Mailchimp, it’s all set up to be used directly with CleverTap.

A note on using the mailchimp ones. The fact that CleverTap says it needs a default value means it is recognizing it. I wonder if in the embed html code I can add the default value somehow? I’m not really too familiar with code, so I didn’t think about this till now. Is this something you may know if possible?


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Hey @gabcoco thanks for checking on that!

My understanding is that you can’t add the typeform value into the embed code. I would recommend reaching out to our technical support team as I they may have some more ideas on how to get this setup.

You can create a ticket via this link 😊 and let me know if I can help with anything else in the meantime!

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Thanks @Grace!

I asked my boss, and they had only used it with Mailchimp in the past.

CleverTap support also couldn’t assist me with this as there is no direct integration between them and Typeform.

I will create a ticket with the link you provided, thank you very much!


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Thanks @gabcoco let us know how it goes! 😊