How can i put a weekly fill-in limit on my typeform?

  • 25 May 2022
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For our new game we are doing a 4 week long test. It is important that the respondents only fill in the typeform once a week, on the same day, no more and no less. How can I design this into typeform?


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2 replies

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Hi @sophieasveld We don’t have an option for a weekly limit, but we do have the option to close the form once it reaches a certain number of responses. You can find the instructions for setting this up here

In this case, you could open the form manually each week and let it close automatically based on the number you have set in the closed settings. 

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@sophieasveld - one option that might work as a workaround: create a ‘weekly access code’ that is sent to the user on the day you open up the form for the week - as something they have to enter into the form at the start. 

this way you could change the variable text in the typeform just before the week’s for is to go live… logic something like this inside the form

  • weekly_variable text ‘xo34wk2’
  • q1 asks for the user to enter the access code they were sent: 
    • if q1 answer = weekly variable text then go to q2
    • if q1 answer not equal weekly variable then go to ending that says “sorry you don’t have the correct access code for this week’s form yet”

just a quick thought on a workaround.. it won’t stop anyone from taking the quiz more than once in a week at this point, but there are other threads that talk about possible options on that part..